“It takes great courage and an overwhelming patience to become a mum.

Let us share each other’s knowledge and together we can make a difference.” Zienna

Fear ??? Yes, I have that.  Fear of heights, fear of water, fear of rats and snakes. But that’s nothing compared to fear of being a mother.

How I will handle it? Will I be good? Will I survive the day-to-day to do task of rearing and raising my children? If others can, why can’t I?

I created a way to get through my life even if I’m being far away from my native land.

Yes, I survived and came the fulfillment and memories and  M-O-T-H-E-R-S  WAS BORN:  Motivators, one in a million, teachers, home-keepers, earth-savers, resourceful, super mum’s.

I know I’m all of the above, only in my dreams.  How about you?

Which one are you? Share with us how you feel about your mothering and together we will create a wonderful world for mothers.

God Bless!