#Mums Day-Off

How are you going to spend your #Mother’s Day Celebration?

author unknown  Photo taken by Zienna@mothers

author unknown
Photo taken by Zienna@mothers at Cafe Velo

This is what I’m going to post on my door tomorrow.

I saw this photo at the Cafe two weeks ago and I’ve decided to have a day off from all my chores tomorrow.

No cleaning, no picking up of bits and pieces, no ironing, no gardening and most of all I will  have a day without checking my e-mails and looking at my blogs. I will even unhook our phone so nobody can interrupt my day of total peace and solitude.

I will spend it by catching up with my favourite book and enjoy lying down in my garden and allow the sun to rejuvenate me for the day.

Later on I will cook my favourite Greek-style Roast Beef with pumpkin, sweet potatoes, onions, zucchinis and carrots. All freshly harvested from our garden.

Total bliss! If only that is possible…I’m crossing my fingers.

I will have total relaxation lazing around the house.

How are you going to spend yours? Have you got any plans with the kids and your hubby?