“It takes great courage and an overwhelming patience to become a mum.

Let us share each other’s knowledge and together we can make a difference.” Zienna

Fear ??? Yes, I have that.  Fear of heights, fear of water, fear of rats and snakes. But that’s nothing compared to fear of being a mother.

How I will handle it? Will I be good? Will I survive the day-to-day to do task of rearing and raising my children? If others can, why can’t I?

I created a way to get through my life even if I’m being far away from my native land.

Yes, I survived and came the fulfillment and memories and  M-O-T-H-E-R-S  WAS BORN:  Motivators, one in a million, teachers, home-keepers, earth-savers, resourceful, super mum’s.

I know I’m all of the above, only in my dreams.  How about you?

Which one are you? Share with us how you feel about your mothering and together we will create a wonderful world for mothers.

God Bless!


WordPress, My blog and I

Wow! I’ve just found out that I had my anniversary for WP on the 13th of  January,  and that I’ve been here for two years.

It was touch and go for me!  All that time and until now, Ihave few moments to spare, which was mostly during nightime, and in your area would be day time and vice versa.

Some of you may think I am lazy, for, I don’t really tried my best to keep up with what is happening with my blog and yours. I  don’t or shall I say, I don’t communicate and persist to get involved with the other bloggers and to know them. At the moment while my family, and the rest of the things that I have to attend to are of paramount importance, my blog will have to wait and  suffer.

I am very pleased with the few people liking and leaving comments on my blog. Most of the time, I’m just happy to read the blogs of the people whom I subscribed to, have a laugh, cried a bit, and commented when I feel it’s necessary. Although some of them I considered over the top, I am not trying to compete with the many successful bloggers out there , for the purpose that my blog is about my own journey, my everyday life as  a m-o-t-h-e-r, and a ‘super mum,’ which my children labeled me to be.

My time will come, and maybe by then, I will have enough free time to concentrate with learning all of the do’s and don’ts of blogging.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who had passed this way, and one time or the other had shared your likes and comments.

YOU  know you deserve my applause and gratitude. So for the two years of standing by me and waiting patiently for a new post and that: THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  Your gestures are mostly appreciated, and hopefully will continue to do so. For me, I will try my best to come here  and share with all of you the interesting days of my life.

To WordPress, for allowing my blog to have a home. A place where I can put all of my thoughts and feelings, over silly, trivial and laughable situations, as well as my views. Thank you so much.

I remember the saying many are called but very few are chosen. There are so many bloggers already out there, each one doing their best to come up with good ideas to blog. Some are already outstanding, and the others just starting to get notice. A few I had seen and have decided not to follow, and for those whom I followed, you deserved to be there, to shine like the others. I’m glad I did followed and will keep on doing so.

At the end of the day as we sat in front of our computer it will only be: WordPress, my blog and I staring at each other, and the cycle will go on as life and health will permit it to be.

Make someone smile today!


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