Knowing Me, Knowing You

I’m Zienna

Wow! that sound so real, seriously that’s just some scrambled name out of my very long name. (I’ll whisper it in your ear). Did you hear it?

The Love of my life? My hubby Will and my five gifted bundles. Princess 1, Princess 2, Princess 3, Haz and Bo.

My eldest daughter, Princess 1.  My tower of strength, who have so much faith in me. That against all odds she persevered and aimed to be on top.

            My lovely girls. Princess 2 and Princess 3.  The Tennis Enthusiasts.

Australian Open Trophy
Australian Open Trophy.

Oh, don’t get excited. They didn’t win that trophy.

That’s the same trophy that the champions like :

The Williams, Sharapova, Azarenka, and others, who won the Australian Open,

and  have the trophy in their possession.

Our town was lucky enough to host the event for a couple of hours.

For the community to view and admire a well protected piece of history.

And who have better chances of holding on to that trophy?

Of course, my own girls.. blessed their hearts.

My boys. The Footballers…my pride and joy as well as my girls. I can’t pick any special one for their all remarkable in their own way.

 “Our Sally.” The most special member of the family. There you go. I picked out someone voted by the family to be special. Our beautiful Labrador that we got from the dog shelter. And her life has never been the same since. Huh! shouldn’t it be the other way around?

There’s nothing much to say about me, really!!!

I’m a mum who decided to stay at home to look after my children and make sure they have the best of care. I’m a Science School teacher by profession. I’ve decided to be a full-time hands-on-mum for my children. I did volunteered at my children school though. In case you’re wondering how I spent my days.

I love creating things. I can sew, knit, crochet and every other things I am interested,  and itching to do. Not to exclude that I’m a good cook too…Hmm.. that’s just according to my children, of course!

I roar most of the time, as I am a lion by birth, and like things to be in order (when it is possible). Very protective of my cubs according to my friends. (Seriously, they just don’t want me to roar at them too. LOL).

I love to sing and dance although my voice usually croaks like a frog. (which according to my daughter, I should keep and practice in the shower only). Like putting a note on the door saying “Danger! do not pass without your ear-plugs on.”

Not joking now, I’m one of the sopranos in our choir.

Two left feet that will need a thousand practice to execute the steps…grrr..(that’s how I feel). Yet, I volunteered to teach my country’s (Philippines) cultural dance,  as part of our activity program at my childrens’ school.

My best qualities? Hmm, are there any? I am very generous( until someone mocked up), and I am very, very, very patient. I guess it got something to do with being a right brain person.. I think? I have to go back to “Lumosity” to find out and exercise my brain.

The man of my life is so camera-shy, so there’s not much photo to show around. We’ll live it that way.. He’s my best mate, my pal, my buddy..what ever you call it. I guess that’s about it. Oh, one more thing..if you see a lot of blue and purple color on my blogs, that’s just because they are my favorites…

Have I fill in the gap? Just reach out. I’ll be glad to answer all your worries.(oops..only about me not your other worries). I bet , (not a gambler, don’t worry) you have plenty to share with us. So, come along and join us.

Mum’s the word. We will read it…

God bless and keep safe!


2 thoughts on “Knowing Me, Knowing You

    1. One day, we will see each other. I don’t know why but somehow, it felt I knew you from somewhere, even if I haven’t seen you yet. If my daughter will be reading this. The first thing she will say. Here we go again, Mum’s third eye is roaming again..haha

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