Why Super mum’s?


They may not believe it at times, but it’s there. We can and We are.
No creäture in this world could be better than we are.

If others think differently, that’s their choice.

Women are born with the multi-tasking abilities.

M-O-T-H-E-R-S Motivators, One-n-a-Million, Teachers, Home-keepers, Earth-savers, Resourceful, Super mum's
Motivators, One-n-a-Million, Teachers, Home-keepers, Earth-savers, Resourceful, Super mum’s

That’s what I believed and the rest can have their own opinion.

Being a super mum does not mean we cannot make mistakes. Every mother went through the trial and error approach until they perfected(?) the art of being a mum:  From cooking, to house-keeping, from developing to entertaining.  From teaching to scaling, from demanding to giving. Devoting and loving,  and every other tasks we are in-demand to attend to. Exceptionally obliging without complaint and remorse.

Some will find it very hard. To others,  it will be as easy as making a pie. Whatever and however we’re doing it, we all need and deserve a break:  Time to unwind. Time to take that coffee, or that long shower that we intended to have. Time to put our feet up. Time to fix our nails, and time to read our favourite magazines. With that entirely in mind what better way to do it in our own cozy couch ‘the super mums cozy link corner. Here we can share our moments of peace, moments of boredom.  Things we’d like to do. Projects we all want to create and share, and any other wonderful ideas we can think of. But bear in mind, no exaggerated stuff and below the belt conversation. Just a light and whole-hearted brunch time conversations.

I welcome all of you to my corner. I hope you will find all the mothers and the mothers-to-be, and those who are going to share their views in here will be a ‘friend to treasure.’ Or maybe a friend you have looked for– and have been looking for, for such a long time.


Have you got a particular spot where you love to spend your own private moments? I do! Surely, so are you. Feel free to join in and introduce yourself. It will be an honour to meet all of you. Your comments and suggestions for my blog will always be welcome. Just a reminder ‘being polite and humble is the order for this site’.

Thank you and hoping to hear from all of you very soon.


Morning, noon and night time you can pass me a line:)

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