Showing love doesn’t have to be all materialistic

moment to be treasured.

©zienna/moments treasured

I’m not a card person. In fact I can count in my fingers how many times I bought my hubby a card for Valentine’s Day. Did you just asked,how many?

A lonely number ONE. Yes, just once!

It only shows that I can only pour all that beautiful writings, a ‘one- to- die -for’ words for your ears only kind of thing, only once and that’s just it.

Because love is more than words…it’s a feeling that comes out of your heart and shining through your face (that’s according to me).  Not one you can buy for domestic consumption.

That’s not real because it’s somebody else’s words not yours’ or mine. The true meaning is not there because you didn’t feel it when it was written.

Luckily, my hubby is the same. It’s more on the caring and sharing moments. One we look forward to. One we love doing and one that keeps us together.

It was those happy moments of personalized gestures. The one that cannot be copied for it never exist until the moment it happened.

One that cannot be captured for its one moment to be treasured.

Just like the moment I spent with my daughter. It’s not planned. Not orchestrated.

A moment  that can be repeated but will not be exactly the same from the first one.

My daughter and I having a quiet time decided to draw the first thing that came to mind.

my daughter loves animals.
my daughter loves animals.


She drew the pet that she would like to have in the near future. It was such a lovely feeling that we’re there sharing that bond together. No time limit. No rush.

Just the two of us having a timeless bonding that we will remember as she grow older. That’s LOVE…PRECIOUS AND TRUE. No words needed for it was spoken from the heart.

Moment spent with the one I love.
Moment spent with the one I love.


While I made my imperfect drawing of myself having my other coffee.

The only material thing that I can’t live without. 

I’m about to have one, care to join me? Fancy a cup of latte or tea, perhaps a mocha?

Now, that  is a love that suddenly  materialized.

Memories extraordinaire!

See you around:)


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