My Plans at 50!

As the sun rises, new hope , new beginning unfolds!
As the sun rises, new hope , new beginning unfolds!

In five hour’s time, everyone will be awake to greet me for my big day. I’m still not feeling well. I woke up with a temperature, with aches and pains. Maybe I was just tired from my son’s birthday celebration. Nevertheless, I will meet the sunrise with a smile on my face, and think of happy thoughts.

I should be making thousands, but, unfortunately, I’m not earning a cent. Not knowing all these innovations was hard. I don’t want to be conned anymore. Wasting money that I have saved, suddenly disappeared.

I need to reassess my past goals. Making sure I can relax and have the next twenty years of my life, free of worries.
Nothing is reachable until I learn how to drive. So I think that will be the firsts and  foremost goal I have to put on my list.

(1) Learn How- to-Drive.

(2) Study a new course. (Learning new skills is important nowadays. I have to find something that I can learn within a short period of time.

(3) Renovate my kitchen. (Our kitchen is nearly 40 years old. It’s time to change).

(4) Buy myself a Blue car. (My hubby bought me a salmon-red colour last year, but I’m a bit picky. Ha ha ha I’ll better save some more).

(5) Continue to help others.( My way of serving the lord).

(6) Save money so I can go to Disneyland. (It’s my childhood wish to see Disney land).

(7) Save money to go to Ellen DeGeneres show. ( I wonder how much money do I need, to be able to get to the studio? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t watch her show all the time. I just sometimes go to YouTube to have a look at it. It’s just that I’m curious. They seemed to be very happy at the studio. Just wondering how it feels to be an audience).
Okay, enough of my silly thoughts.

Hey! It’s my birthday I’m allowed to be silly.

Lastly, Thank you Lord for the fifty memorable years. I should not want anymore for you have given me so much.
I’ve got a wonderful husband, five healthy children and a roof to call home. Thank you.

What about you, have you written any plans lately?

3 thoughts on “My Plans at 50!

  1. I love your list! I’m a 30something and have the mind of a older self. I was that way even as a child. But, save your pennies for Disneyland, CA. I loved it when I was 8. Never cared to go to Disneyworld, FL. I have only owned two cars and they both were blue! Love, I have a Christian sister here!

    My goals are simple. Good health for my family. Been trying to learn a different language and stick with it. Reading tons of books. Love the GoodReads website. Baking. Always improving. Can check off writing, a blog helped that.

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    1. HAHAHA. No wonder why I like you> The same brain waves..Blue car, wanting to go to Disneyland. Yeh, I remember plotting that on my diary that one day I will see Disneyland. All that Walt Disney characters I loved watching and yet still a dream. But somehow I will make it happen. I’ll make sure to save some more. Same here, I’m getting frustrated at times as English is my second language so don’t hesistate to message me if my grammar and spelling are wrong. It’s one sure way of learning and practising the English language.

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      1. Remember I have been to Disney Land and it was a magical surprise! I think I will save this story for a blog. It’s a wonderful story! I was eight and never forgot a moment of my adventure out west! I will certainly help you out with your second language. I had a friend from Japan and I was always changing my words so she understood me. Very new to English. But you I would never guess! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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