What have I done for the past twenty-years? Ahh..stuff!

Twenty years had passed! I haven’t accomplished anything.  No job, no money of my own not even a name to hang at my door for people to knock and ask for my help.  In short, I am a nobody. Not a doctor, not a psychiatrist, not a dietitian, not a nurse, not a qualified chef nor a sport master.

Great stuff

Until I cleaned up the whole messy stock room and started putting out all the medals, the trophies, the citations, that  the children had received all those years. That’s when I realised that in front of me were the years that I have worked so hard to put perfection to myself and my talent. The many courses I have taken each and every day of my children existence. A  job that I mastered each day. Wow, I should have a baccalaureate or even received a PhD degree for all the highest marks  I have received and perfected throughout those years.

One  after the other:  The mother, the teacher, the coach, the nurse, the psychiatrist, the policewoman, the mediator, the jury, the cook, the washing lady ,the ironing lady.  Oh, don’t forget the carpenter, the electrician, the plumber , the gardener and not to mention the wife. Talents that  I had been acted upon  by many and  perfected by their maids or housekeepers.

But obediently mastered by mothers, who decided  their children needs are far more important than of their eight hours job they have to attend to.

Mums who have decided to stay at home and be with their children 24/7 have done all that .Yes, I could cry for lacking the fame and gratitude of workmates and colleagues. The money that should have been invested for the many available shares I can find on the newspaper. But all of those material things   cannot fill in the satisfaction that I felt seeing my children smiles and giggles each and every day that they woke up, seeing mummy and daddy attending to their needs.  Quality time that was spent without rushing to attend to board meetings,  to parties to promote their new line of product.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying those mothers are not good. Hell! I want to be like them too.  But each to its own. We have to do what we have to do and be comfortable with our decision.

As I watched my daughter competing last night at the Lion’s Club Public Speaking Competition, I realised the job I had done. I created a beautiful girl with good manners and an inspiring talent. One, my hubby and I had nurtured and helped blossom. One that she can use wherever her future will take her. If I have been working all that time. I would have missed out  on these great opportunity and nerve wrecking experience. Honestly. between recording her speech and listening to her, I’ve got tears in my eyes. I am so blessed that all my children are following my footsteps. In fact when it comes to the medals and trophies, my first three kids had already beaten my record and the other two were half-way there.

My daughter's at the speech competition
My daughter’s at the speech competition

“Huh! I was  the one with a sweating and shaking hands, while my Princess reciting recited her piece confidently.”

My view was just a reflection of my life and a salutation to all women. Whether you decided to stay at home or had someone to look after your kids, that’s your choice . I’m not here to compare which is better a mother with a job or no job. But what I’m saying is that what ever happen, no matter how busy your life is, take that extra mile to spend time with your kids while they are still  young. Because the foundation you set up with them now,  are the ones they would mostly remembered  and taken as the  most credible ones. We are all doing a marvelous job.

As the Bible said “Give to Caesar what is due to Caesar, and give to God what is due to God.” It goes the same with our children.

So whether its twenty years , a year or a month and suddenly you woke up asking what have you done with your life? Look around you.  Look at your husband, your kids, your house, your dog and your other pets. You have done something, accomplished menial tasks that were all important for you.

Keep smiling mothers! we are all doing a great job.  WE ROCK.”

Do you ever felt sorry for the decision you have chosen? Do you sometimes feel you’re doing too much? What do you think we should do?

It’s never too late to get involved.  Maybe we can join a course or something to upgrade ourselves. Who’s in for it? Given the chance what would you like to learn?  What  special thing would you like to do?


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