#Benevolent people! Do they exist?

Confused? You're not the only one.
Confused? You’re not the only one.


Goodness look at the time! It’s 2:00 in the morning and  my brain is still whirling from all the helpful tips and links I read from Bob Dunn and Judy Dunn’s blog.

It’s kinda crazy! I am so scared of asking questions and participating to all the sites  I have thought of following, then suddenly came Bob,”The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers:  It’s not all about content” came into view. Here’s the link:  His  ‘ the 7 habits of highly successful bloggers: it’s not all about content’

I scrolled further and yet I was rolled back to it and  so I started reading. Mind you, I don’t read everything on twitter, as I am always pressing for time.  I couldn’t believe myself reading it word for word from start to finish. I even  read all the comments and messages of Bob’s followers. At the end of the message showed please post a comment.

There was a voice niggling on my ear telling me it’s time. Go ahead join in the fun and learn from it. Next thing I knew I’m leaving a piece of myself in the box.

I couldn’t believe he will respond. Let alone without  a few dollars per hour rate,  that I’ve heard a few friends were saying,  that some charges for a few questions. A simple gesture of a caring guru. My inner voice just told me, “I told you so.”

It was weird. My spirit suddenly sky-rocketed and here I am, I’ve got something to write. What can I share to everyone  being a newbie?

Well, I can share with you the links that a good man has shared with me. To some ,  it maybe nothing. It’s just another blog.  But for me, for him to spend writing about 175 words or maybe about 200 words if you include all the numbers and punctuation’s he added to it. IT’S SOMETHING!

A time given freely: to read, to write and answer someone,  is a person with a good heart. A tick in my book of  ‘#Benevolent people’.

To feel welcome even though you know you’re very much behind from them, it  lifted  my spirit.

kindness begets kindness.” I used to hear that from my grandma. I supposed she was right.

Beginner or not here’s a link that you can read on, share if you like. I don’t think Bob and Judy would mind. The many people who can learn and gain insight from their blogs , the better we will all feel and the better blogger we will all become. If you decided to follow them  and get a one on one tutoring, then of course you have to pay for the services rendered.

Here are some links that I found useful and easy to understand:

10 Monster Blogging Fears Worth Chasing Down:

What’s Under Your Bed?: 10 Monster Blogging Fears Worth Chasing Down

5 Evil Blogging Fears and How to Vaporize Them:

7 Habits Highly Successful Bloggers Content:

Fear?  It’s there.  Contents?  It will come . We’re not alone.  We need to get help from other bloggers . Unless you are suffering from a different kind of fear.  That’s another subject to tackle that need to be addresed by someone else.

So, gather your strength, face your fears and find someone who can guide you in your quest to learning how to blog and use #WordPress.

It’s not much , but that’s the start. My first step in conquering my fear,  CONNECT. I can see now that this post will be the beginning of the fear factor I will unravel in the near future.

Did you find a new guru lately? Or someone who had touched your heart with their kindness?

God Bless!


2 thoughts on “#Benevolent people! Do they exist?

  1. HI Zienna, wow, thanks so much for your incredibly kind words. This has truly made my day. And yes, it would be a sad world if there weren’t those of us who enjoy helping people and those who take what we share and make it work for them in a way that helps them to grow and understand the new adventures they take on.

    In a nutshell, it’s all good!

    Thanks again and keep on blogging…. cheers!

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    1. Just showing my gratitude,Bob. You were very kind to respond to my comment at once and gave me some ideas where to start. As I had bookmarked the suggestions you gave me, I’m using it as my reading reference and hopefully I can work my way with it. Thanks again:)


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