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Mum’s new #Hair-do

My daughter decided to be my hairdresser last night. Why not? Let her be the mummy and I’ll be the obliging daughter.

My daughter fixing my hair

©My hubby took this photo/@mothers.

“Sit still!,” she mumbled. She brushed and twisted and coiled it. Undo it…brushed it again.

I’m thinking she’s trying to demonstrate how I did it to her hair. She’s very quiet while she’s doing it. Not like mummy grumbling every time there’s  knots getting in the way.

‘Not too long now.’ She muttered.

Mum's new #Hair-do
photo taken by my hubby/@mothers

Done! Not bad, but I will not show you my face.

Oops! she made me look like her. A 10-year-old bop with all that braid. Similar to Bo Derek.

My daughter. I think she just practised the newly acquired skills she'd learned.

© photo taken by ziennalorren@mothers.

Note: All you need is a hair brush or a detangling comb. Gather and tie with a strong elastic.

Depending as to how thick your hair is, divide the hair into 10 or more strands of three’s and braid each strands.

Tie each braid with a colorful elastic to show the strands. And that’s it.

My friends at our singing choir said I look alright. it made me 35 years younger…I like the sound of that!

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