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One Naughty #Labrador

I don’t know what she’s fussing about. I only ate the hazelnuts in the  wheel burrow.

©photo taken by: zienna@mothers

Well, Sally! you shouldn’t sulked  sulk.” My words to my dog when she showed me these sad face with the “I  don’t care attitude.” I never had a Labrador before and I didn’t know that this breed of dog want to eat all the time.

My son forgot to close the gate at our paddock where my Hazelnuts trees are all grown and ready for the picking. We looked for her all around and the thought that she sneaked out of the main gate caused havoc for my youngest daughter. So every one panicked , looked and looked for the missing dog.

And where she’s been? Just gushing and munching at the compost pit and eating most of the mulch I had in the bin. Not to mention stuffing  her mouth  with the nuts we filed to dry and ready for husking. (removing husk and shell).

The gutsy pest! Didn’t she know I’ve got orders to fill? My back ached so much from picking and bending up and down, adding to it  the 40 degrees heat of the sun penetrating through my skin.

‘Oh so greedy!’ I said. I don’t get angry often but that’s just one of those days that my steam  boiled to 100 degrees.

My darling daughter replied. “It’s just their nature mum. They really eat a lot.”

“Yes! and who’s going to give her a wash?” I mumbled.

Everyone disappeared so quickly. Oh, Lordy! more work for me to do.

Our Sally doesn’t care. It took her only a while to sulk and she’s back munching and cracking the nuts again.

How lucky she is to just eat when she wants to. What a life?

No going to the market, no preparing of food, no cooking, no cleaning up, no washing.

Just constantly feeding herself of  whatever she could find. As if I never give her enough food  to eat.

You are one naughty Labrador, Sally! But I still love you..

Do you have a pet? What type of dog do you have?

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