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Another Trick And She Got The Treat

Sally's favorite pastime rolling in the dirt,  maybe she's thinking she's a pig. "Mum," my daughter Princess 3 rushed to the door. "What's the matter?' I asked, but not really that concerned. "Sally's lying on her back with legs up in the air and not moving." Here we go again!" I muttered. I    seemed to… Continue reading Another Trick And She Got The Treat

Sally's Adventures

One Naughty #Labrador

©photo taken by: zienna@mothers Well, Sally! you shouldn't sulked  sulk." My words to my dog when she showed me these sad face with the "I  don't care attitude." I never had a Labrador before and I didn't know that this breed of dog want to eat all the time. My son forgot to close the gate at… Continue reading One Naughty #Labrador