Why I Can’t Blog?

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photo taken by me for


I don’t consider myself as a great writer. I cannot say I’m  way pass the mark of those very talented bloggers that can just whip a blog in a matter of hours or maybe minutes. I can’t be  called a ‘writer’ yet. Not even close.

So once again, I will pass on the opportunity of joining any challenge. I will continue to take my time. Be it in photography and or any topic writing.

If you are one of those who have the enthusiasm and great belief that you can do these things, join Don Charisma and his team and start engaging and consolidating a piece of your talent with Don. As his site stated  ” anything is possible with Charisma.” But creativity and commitment is a must-have to be able to be one of Don’s protegee.

As my 11-year-old-daughter used to say “Anything is possible, if you just believe.” Okay, that line is not hers originally. She just copied it from watching Hilary Duff’s, “Cinderella Story” too many times.. Do I sounded like I’m complaining? You bet I am..(Lol..too many shows, children, are learning fast..Oh, no!)

Unfortunately, it’s not sinking in my ‘Limbic Lobe’ yet. Oh maybe, that is why the Limbic lobe is not a prominent feature of the different lobes of the brain. It’s not that visible. Too small to carry on any messages and thinking processes.

I am not that brave to face the likes of Don yet…hahaha..just kidding. But really there are great writers and writers wanna be. I am glad that there are no such rules that we can  get ban from reading and liking their stories. There are times I’m just happy to follow, and laugh and sigh, and even cry with the many stories these writers have created.

Why can’t I blog?

(1) My english is not that good. English is only my second language.( Yeh, right! That’s me complaining again).

(2) I’m scared of what my friends and colleagues will say. (Yeh, who cares what I write! Is that my conscience saying that?).

(3) I’ve got nothing to share. (Then what are you doing sitting here and typing everyday?).

(4) I’m afraid that they will not like me. (Well, not many like the President and the Prime Minister either, and they are not  bothered?).

(5) I don’t think anybody will read what I will write. (Somehow, somewhere, it will be discovered. Just write!).

(6) There’s no  need for another writer wanna be’s. (More writers joined in everyday. You just have to be on the line and be creative).

(7) I got no knowledge of blogging and coding. That I’m sure, I’m not doing it right. (Well, hello! That is why there’s a big HELP signs on every site. You just have to ask a question and people out there will not turn a blind eye).

So which one are you? What are your complains? Can you add anything more of the negativity I’m feeling? These are doubts that I attached to myself ever since I started my blogging.

And yet I know, I am the master of my own creation.  Whatever I do, I can either go up or go down. But rest assured, I will rise up again. I will face my own shadow and say I will do it for I am a fighter. I may not be better yet, but there is always a room for improvement.

Thanks for reading.

God Bless,


5 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Blog?

  1. I knew NOTHING of blogging when I started out 22 months ago. It was a friend who introduced me to WPress. You can always learn the technical stuff, which you obviously have a handle on. But if you don’t believe you have anything worthwhile to share, visitors will feel the same. You should define yourself confidently here. =)

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    1. Thank you for the reminder Hoslistic Wayfarer. I’ve been thinking about this blogging caper for a while. Have to weigh the pros and cons, and find a way to really establish my direction as well as my connection. Hopefully, I will have the energy to do it very soon. Thank you for taking the time to call in and leave your mark in my humble blog.

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