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My Street

An over night event- cyclist doing a tour in the Great Alpine Valley. Photo taken for


I’ve taken this photo on the  First of December 2014. At exactly 3:56 in the afternoon.

Climbing up the tree in our property which was closest to the fence. It gave me a good view of the tents, the people as well as the busiest street in this side of our property.

They said there were about 800 tents hoisted for the overnight event, and the other part of the street was also used. I didn’t see it as it started raining on the night and early morning.

The site was our town’s  Football ground and the street was called Cobden. I spent my walking and bicyling activities on this street. Never a dull moment as they say. Everyday movement. Cars passing by, dogs playing, elderly doing their pole walking, and even those mothers doing their daily run and stretching.  Afternoon activities on the ground were football, soccer and cricket.

On ordinary days, the street is quiet and deserted, and I can have it all for myself.

Photo was taken from my ipod touch. I have no knowledge in photography, and I’m hoping to learn a few lessons, if not all in these sessions.

Hope you enjoy my first #photo101 assignment.

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