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Another Trick And She Got The Treat

Sally's favorite past time rolling in the dirt, sometimes we rhought maybe she thinks she's a pig. Sally’s favorite pastime rolling in the dirt,  maybe she’s thinking she’s a pig.

“Mum,” my daughter Princess 3 rushed to the door. “What’s the matter?’ I asked, but not really that concerned. “Sally’s lying on her back with legs up in the air and not moving.” Here we go again!” I muttered. I    seemed to be doing a lot of brow raising and exhaling a few times lately. Only because, its school holiday and Princess3 got more time to spend with Sally. She’s panicking again. I think she’s really getting too attached to our dog. Every movement, every sound the dog makes, she’s out in a jiffy. So much so she decided that when she  grow up, she’ll become a “Vet” and look after her. I will not ruin her dream, but I know it will be best to keep my mouth shut. “I said she’s fine and she’ll be happy in a minute.” What was that all about? She just want a treat! It’s weird, but I noticed  that when she’s feeling too hot, she will lie on her back, raised her legs, and stilled her movement.

I used to hose her down and she will roll over and over again. As if to tell me she’s enjoying the sprinkling of water on her body. She must be boiling with all that darkened fur.

Here you go, Sally. A special treat just for you. Photo by Zienna - all Rights Reserved Here you go, Sally. A special treat just for you.
Photo taken for
1-IMG_8728 Princess3 telling Sally what to do with the block of ice. Photo taken for
1-IMG_8726-001 You’re supposed to lick it in your bowl. Photo taken for
1-IMG_8729-001 How am I gonna eat this? It’s too cold! Photo taken for
1-IMG_8730-001 Maybe if I chew it up, it will break. Photo taken for the-trick/zienna
1-IMG_8727-001 Maybe if I lick it standing up, I can let it melt faster. Photo taken for

Unfortunately, when there’s a water  restrictions, we cannot use the water until such time. What’s the alternative? Another trick and she got a block of ice. That will give her ample time to keep quiet and enjoy the cold treat. The best part, even Princess3 was quiet and simply enjoying the scene with her dog. Maybe I should give her a treat too! That will distract her the more. So what do you do with your dog on a hot day?

What’s the latest trick your dog have mastered? Wanna’ share it with us? Thanks for reading! Zienna♥

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